Project Description

Seeding 24 Acres

Fort Daniel – December 2020

Before – Bare soil that was once designated as a row crop field will be returned to vibrant prairie habitat.

During restoration – Volunteers and staff spread out over the 24 acres to begin hand broadcasting native seeds.

Thanks to generous supporters, the Macon County Conservation Foundation supplied $20,000 of seeds for planting 24 acres of prairie at Fort Daniel Conservation Area.

Macon County Conservation District volunteers and staff hand broadcast a diverse mix of seeds over the area in December 2020. Restoring this to native prairie will provide better wildlife habitat and water quality management in Big Creek.

This new area is part of 180 acres purchased thanks to a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation. It adjoins the existing Fort Daniel Conservation Area near Mt. Zion, IL.

Seeding 37 Acres

Fort Daniel – December 2021

In late 2021, the Conservation Foundation will plant 37 acres of Fort Daniel Conservation Area with a diverse mix of native prairie plants. Fort Daniel Conservation Area is located near Mt. Zion, IL.

The conversion of this row crop field to a native prairie will provide food and shelter for many kinds of wildlife, including pollinators, and help reduce soil runoff into Big Creek.

This area to be planted is on a 180-acre property that was purchased in 2019, thanks to a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation.