Sponsor a Natural Area

Natural Area Partners take that extra step to protect the places they love, insuring a legacy of natural areas not only to enjoy today but for future generations to explore. By becoming a Natural Areas Partner, you protect the places you care about. Places that provide habitat for wildlife, room for people to explore, places to just be in nature to relieve stress, recreate, exercise.

Healthy natural areas provide a host of services for people. They protect our drinking water and filter the air we breathe. During storms, they retain flood waters. They provide homes for animals that provide services to people, such as the insects that pollinate the food we eat. They contribute to the quality of the place where we live and work.

Healthy natural areas provide quality habitat to support wildlife native to Macon County. Many of the native animals, insects and birds are host plant specific, meaning they can only survive if specific plants exist in their habitat. For example Monarch butterflies, a pollinator species, require the milkweed plant to survive.

To preserve natural areas, we must help nature maintain a healthy balance. Over time, people have changed the natural flow of water through areas and stopped natural processes, like fire, that keep exotic species in check and native plants thriving. Because so much of the work that must be done to maintain healthy habitats must be done by hand, it is expensive.

Become a Natural Areas Partner

1. Download and print a Natural Area Partners Donation Form.
2. Mail or drop off the completed form to Macon County Conservation Foundation, 3939 Nearing Lane, Decatur, IL 62521.

If you would like more information or have any questions, call us at 217-423-7708.

By becoming a Natural Areas Partner, your contributions will help maintain healthy natural areas, which in turn improve the quality of your life in Macon County.

You may provide support to be used where it is needed most, or you may select a favorite site:

Besides the satisfaction of creating a legacy of conservation for Macon County’s natural areas, your name will be recognized at the site you support (unless you choose to make an anonymous donation).